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Six Added Minutes Review: Jane Stuart

his book captured my imagination from the outset. I confess I was curious as to what motivates a schoolboy to get into non-league football, when his classmates are following Premier League teams. It seems his dad pushed him in that direction because it was:

“…a cost-effective way to try and prevent me from becoming an Arsenal fan in the long term.”

Perhaps this is a marketing route that could be the saviour of non-league clubs? Get them hooked when they’re children and they’ll save themselves tens of thousands of pounds over their lifetime. It’s a no-brainer. God knows non-league clubs need some kind of lifeline at the moment. But that’s another story…

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About Johnnie Lowery

Johnnie is a football writer. His first book, Six Added Minutes, was written while he was at university and published in November 2019. With strong reviews from the likes of Jeremy Vine and Jacqui Oatley, it is selling well online. His second book, Match Fit, explores mental health in football. It looks to raise mental health awareness and is inspired by Lowery’s own struggles as a teenager, when he did not understand why he was feeling down.


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