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Six Added Minutes Review: Gandermonium (Sutton United blog)

That’s right, someone’s written an actual proper book about the U’s. And surprisingly, it’s not us having lobbed together a load of rehashed rubbish off here and self published on Amazon. Oh no. I mean, ok, we might do that, but even we’d not be quite so lacking in self awareness to review our own work. This is in fact a proper effort with a proper publisher and everything. It’s even got a foreword from someone famous in it! The culprit responsible for this is one Mr Johnnie Lowery, who you probably know from these very pages simply as ‘Johnnie’ from the Notorious Yoof Faction. Yes, even our youngsters can read and write. Amazing eh? All we can say is it’s a true testament to the truly world class educational standards here in the glorious People’s Republic of West Sutton.

Full Review Below:

About Johnnie Lowery

Johnnie is a football writer. His first book, Six Added Minutes, was written while he was at university and published in November 2019. With strong reviews from the likes of Jeremy Vine and Jacqui Oatley, it is selling well online. His second book, Match Fit, explores mental health in football. It looks to raise mental health awareness and is inspired by Lowery’s own struggles as a teenager, when he did not understand why he was feeling down.


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