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Match Fit Book Cover


Johnnie Lowery’s latest book, Match Fit, has been shortlisted for the 2024 Charles Tyrwhitt Sports Book Awards.

Johnnie Lowery's new book, Match Fit takes an in-depth look at mental health in football, from the Premier League down to five-a-side, in the hope of destigmatising this much-neglected topic, with candid contributions from the likes of Chris Kirkland, Paul Lambert and Marcus Bent.


Subjects such as the issues facing footballers after retirement and the rise of social media are placed under the microscope, and we discover how being a football fan can benefit your mental health. Seasoned pros discuss the challenges they’ve faced in football, speaking openly about personal experiences most of us wouldn’t associate with the glamour of the beautiful game. From a grassroots perspective, there are uplifting stories of how people have learnt to manage their mental health, with football as a key tool to help them get through their day to-day lives.


If the interviewees – involved in a sport that has traditionally lauded masculinity and the absence of so-called weakness – can open up about their mental health, then so can anyone.

About Johnnie Lowery

Johnnie Lowery is an award-nominated football writer, whose debut book, 'Six Added Minutes', documented the incredible rise of Sutton United FC through to the fifth round of the FA Cup. His latest book, 'Match Fit' takes an in depth look at mental health in football, opening up a dialogue between players, managers and many more involved with the sport.

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